Woplus No-Lux Water Based Anti-wear Protective Finish Wax

Indicative coverage: 7-10 sq.m/l.

What is it

Water micro-dispersion of hard waxes, resins and coformulating agents with high chemical-physical resistance.

How it works

Woplus No-lux anti-wear anti-stain protective for the finishing of treated surfaces, especially floors made of cotto tiles, terracotta, bricks, natural stone, tumbled marble, aggregates and similar materials laid indoor. Reduces penetration of dirt and makes its removal easier. Also allows an easy cleaning of most common fatty stains (oil and greases), acid stains (lemon, vinegar, cocacola), alcoholic stains (wine, ink, felt pens). Gives high anti-wear protection, excellent transparency and elasticity. Renewable. Gives a slight colour enhancing without altering colour and breathing of the treated material.

How to use

Shake the protective finish wax well before use. Apply a thin coat with a wax spreader, soft cloth or spray-buffing with a floor machine equipped with medium-hard disc, in one or more coats: wait for 2-4 hours after any coat. Do not apply with temperature under 10 °C. On hard material it is advised to apply Woplus No-lux protective finish wax with “spray-buffing” technique. Use diluted Geal CB90 for periodic cleaning. Do not use aggressive alkaline detergents (such as ammonia, alcohol, bleach) or steam cleaners.

Why to choose Woplus No-Lux Protective Finish Wax…

1. It is self-leveling and self-polishing
2. Gives long-lasting protection against stains and wearing
3. Can be used with deep protective treatments