A Brief Summary of What Makes Bianco Carrara Extraordinary

Carrara is one of the best-known names in the natural stone world. This elegant white to light grey marble with subtle, smoky grey veining is a favorite among architects and designers. Bianco Carrara is often categorized into 2 different groupings: Carrara C (lighter background colour) and Carrara CD (darker background colour).

Bianco Carrara Quarry

Carrara is known for its prestigious look.  Notable buildings, monuments and residences can be found across the world that showcase the beauty of this stone.

Bianco Carrara tells a story of both geology and art history. Popular in the Renaissance by sculptors such as Michelangelo, Bianco Carrara has been used by the Romans and even earlier.  In our modern era Bianco Carrara continues to be one of the staple elements of leading designers and architects wanting affordable luxury but with the knowledge that the stone will perform well and last.

In recent years there have been many newly quarried types of stone that call themselves Bianco Carrara but only this beautiful Italian marble can claim to be the real thing.

Bianco Carrara Kitchen

Bianco Carrara has been used for everything from classic palaces to the modern-day kitchen benchtop,  it’s a marble which works in almost any environment and brings a touch of luxury wherever it is used.

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