The Rising Popularity of Galassia Marble Slabs

A guide on choosing a more unique stone for your upcoming project.

What is currently popular?

Within the last 3 months, we have seen a huge rise in the number of clients selecting Galassia marble for their homes, as well as commercial projects. As much as people like Bianco Carrara, various types of Calacatta’s, Super White, Imperial White, Grey Limestones, Travertines, etc. – consumers are starting to venture out and look for innovative, exciting materials. That is not to say that everyone is wanting a bright red or pink onyx, however our clients have not been afraid to have a bit of a play with colour recently.

How to play with colour – without going overboard.

Galassia has burnt orange tones as well as white and navy blue running through it in swirly patterns and intricate veining. These colours are not your standard black, white, grey, or cream, yet they are subtle enough to compliment the features of your home. Since blue and orange are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, it makes the colours complement each other.

Galassia Marble - RMS Marble Slabs - Galassia Slab - High quality marble

Galassia is a complementary colour wheel dream.

Using two hues directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, is guaranteed to add energy to any space. These complementary colors work well together because they balance each other visually. The two colors appearing together in your home or commercial project gives your space a cohesive look.

Galassia sits at a fair price point comparatively.

Although there are several dependent factors on how much you will spend on your slab and installation, Galassia sits at a very fair price point compared to other marbles and onyx slabs. These factors include: size of the slab, how many square meters you need, cost of your stone mason, etc. Galassia is worth the small investment due to how much character and charm it brings into your space.

Looking for a slab that works indoors and outdoors?

Galassia is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. We have had clients place Galassia marble around swimming pools to create a feature wall and it looks magnificent. Want to impress your family and friends in entertaining areas? Choose Galassia marble.

Looking for an alternative material? Check out our other luxury natural stone slab options.

RMS Marble Galassia Marble Outdoors - Swimming pool with bookmatched marble slabs

Add style to your residential or commercial project
with Galassia Marble

Ever dreamt about having marble in your home? Look no further! RMS Marble offers the finest marble tiles and slabs in Australia. 

Marble is the staple material for architects and interior decorators alike, not only for its luxurious appeal but also for its durability and long-lasting performance.

Talk to us about our line of marble tiles for your next commercial or residential project.

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