The Clash of the Benchtops: Man-Made v Natural Stone

Cost, Maintenance, and Durability of Kitchen Benchtops

Aesthetic appeal is an important factor when selecting benchtops, but it’s not the only factor. Price, durability, and maintenance are all equally important factors.


Benchtops range dramatically in price depending on the material you choose. Some natural stones benchtops can cost the same amount as a Caesar Stone benchtop, where as some Arabescato’s and Calacatta’s (white marbles) can cost up to quadruple the price, solely based on look.

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Maintenance of Benchtops

Although natural stone can initially be a slightly higher cost than other man-made materials, they lack resin and are resistant to burning.

Marbles and limestones need to be re-honed or re-polished and re-sealed every 5 years or so, where as man-mad benchtops do not need to be sealed, honed, or polished.


If you place a hot pot directly onto a Caesar Stone benchtop you can be left with a giant mark from the pan due to the resin burning. Natural stone is more resistant to heat, especially granite. There are some man-made materials that are made without resin, like Geoluxe, that are extremely resistant to heat. Geoluxe is a great alternative if you are not wanting natural stone, or a resin filled benchtop.

Countertop Edge

It is important to think about the type of edge you want on your benchtop. Do you light a standard square edge? Or is a bullnose, bevel edge or pencil edge more your style? Depending on the type of material you choose for your benchtop, your options are endless.

Colour Options

Natural stone is exactly that, natural. If you love the white marble, Bianco Carrara, you can’t get the same thing in brown or purple or blue. The materials we bring in come in from all over the world and are not customizable – but that is what makes the material so special. If you are wanting a wider range of colour options, man-made stone is for you!

Wanting a darker veined Travertine for your kitchen benchtops? Also known as Tritano Travertino, this luxurious natural stone is a fantastic choice for walls, as flooring, and for benchtops. Each elegant slab features a beautiful, uniquely layered pattern consisting of a greyish-brown base with a sophisticated blend of light and dark tones atop. Because of this, Titanium Italian travertine surfaces are excellent for modern residential and commercial applications.

Before deciding on benchtop material, you should always see the surface in person, whether that means visiting a showroom or viewing samples in-home. For further inspiration, follow the RMS Marble Natural Stone & Ceramic Pinterest page.

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