Thassos Marble

Thassos is a Greek marble which derived its name from the island of Thassos where it has been quarried throughout history. This marble is the whitest marble in the world

Thassos Marble is a dense material that is popular for walls and flooring and is used in both commercial and residential applications. Many white marbles can be difficult to maintain but Thassos is an extremely resilient marble and favored because of its durability.

Thassos Marble Quarry

Greek Thassos should not be confused with several other white stones marketed under the same name – real Thassos is unique with its characteristic crystalised composition which catches and reflects light.

The highest quality Thassos demands a premium price however other varieties are available with subtle movement in the background and these are more affordable.  Due to the nature of the stone it is difficult to obtain large format tile or slab in this material.

Thassos Marble Flooring

This material is available in all finishes, although polished or honed is the most popular and is best for high traffic areas. Check out our Thassos Marble Tile and Slab selection.

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