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The first-born of coloured cotto (terracotta) series, Campania represents the studied evolution of the ancient Florentine tradition hand-made cotto. Tamped down by skillful and accurate hands in suitable molds made smooth, Campania has a soft and velvety surface, corrugated with small irregularities that make each single piece unique and unrepeatable.

Colour with light shades reminiscent of the sestini and vasi of Impuneta, naturally inhomogeneous. In addition to the traditionally formats for floors, Campania comes in a complete range of special pieces.

RMS Marble Terracotta Tiles

RMS Marble - Terracotta Tiles

RMS Marble - Terracotta Tiles

RMS Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles are a favourite of many homeowners, designers and architects. The classic colours are reminiscent of earlier times and add a warm, rustic look to the any space.

Terracotta tiles can be used internally and externally and our range includes the common colours found widely as well as bespoke product.

RMS carry unique hand-made Italian Terracotta Tiles which come in a variety of sizes and colours. This traditional hand-made terracotta undergoes a semi-polishing process at the factory to create floors with a “worn” look. The result is an alternation of honed and matt surfaces which combine to give subtle shading variations which is not possible with conventional material.  Italian Terracotta Tiles can be provided in a variety of sizes, shapes, shades and colours to make your installation visually apart from anything else in Australia.

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