Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are one of the more well-known tiles that people buy from RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics here in Sydney and Melbourne to use when decorating their house on the inside & outdoors.

They are mainly used outdoors but recently there has been a trend towards use of stone tiles indoors.


For anyone out there having a difficult time on when to use stone tiles in your home, look no further than this page to give you the lowdown on why and where it is best to use them.


Indoor Use of Stone Tiles

stone tiles

The good thing about natural stone used in tiles is that they can basically be used anywhere in the house but are most common in the bathrooms, kitchens & hallways of houses.

This is mainly due to the fact that stone tiles are a very natural looking tile, giving off an earthy vibe which translates to people wanting to use them in homes.


What people may not know is that stone tiles actually consist of five different types of tiles – marble, slate, sandstone, limestone & travertine.

stone tiles

This is bonus because we actually stock 4 out of the 5 stone tiles here at our Sydney and Melbourne location!

Additionally, a creative idea that is becoming increasingly popular is to use stone tiles as borders with ceramic wall tiles.

If there is any room in your house that you feel is a bit dull, this is also the perfect time to use stone tiles because they have the unique ability to brighten up any room.

Stone tiles have the capability to be used on both walls and the floor, which really diversifies the ways in which you can use them.

It is possible that they may be too heavy for certain walls so this is definitely something to ask before deciding on something.


Things To Consider

natural stone in the home

If the decision has been made that you are going with stone tiles from our Sydney and Melbourne location, a few things needs to be considered first.

Firstly, stone tiles are at their absolute best when they are put directly onto a concrete base.

If this option is not possible, plywood is the next best option.

Some of these tiles may also need to be back filled.

Stone tiles are also thick, meaning some doors may need to be shortened to account for the additional thickness.

stone tiles