Scudo Water Base Anti-Seepage Anti-Damp Protective

Indicative coverage: 10-20 sq.m per litre.

What is it

Geal Scudo Stone Sealer with nano-dispersion in water of functionalised fluoro-derivates with high stability, water repellency and penetration power.

Why Choose Scudo

1. Protects walls, plasters and all visible surfaces
2. Stops seepage and damp
3. Does not alter the look and does not film

How Scudo Works

This anti-damp, anti-seepage Geal stone sealer protective for floors and covering made with any kind of material. Scudo stops penetration of water though the joints and superficial cracks up to 0.5-1 mm width; creates a long lasting waterproof barrier, resistant to weathering. Avoids formation of mildew and decay of visible parts, such as plaster and wallpaints of balconies, banisters and walls. Can be applied also on wet surfaces: provides with waterproofing after drying. Easy to apply • Avoids absorption of organic dirt (smog, oil, mould, etc.) making their removal easier • Scudo sealer is renewable and reversible, does not create superficial films, does not leave sticky residues, does not yellow, does not alter the look nor original breathing.

How to use

Scudo sealer by Geal is ready to use. Apply pure on clean and dry surface (even uniformly wet), with a paintbrush, roller, spreader in proportion of absorption, especially in joints and cracks • Do not apply when temperature is below 5 °C or over 35 °C, or when rain is expected during the following 4-8 hrs • Can be re-applied as periodic maintenance or when new cracks appear.

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