Sealers, Cleaners, Presealers &  More for Stone Maintenance

Here at RMS Marble, we believe that regular stone maintenance and cleaning is just as important as installation. That is why we carry a wide line of sealers and cleaners. Our stone maintenance cleaners are designed to be part of the perfect routine or heavy-duty cleaning solution for any natural stone, tile or grout surface.

Our product ranges is non-acidic and won’t damage your natural stone, tile or grout. Our products are perfect for tile & grout sealing as well as tile & grout cleaning. They are also designed to break down quickly and naturally in the environment.

Coffee Cup Spill needs Stone Maintenance




Coffee Spill needs Stone Maintenance

Why Seal? Reaction Time is Important for Stone Maintenance

When a liquid is spilt on a stone, tile or grout surface that has a degree of water absorption, a stain can result almost instantly as the reaction time to clean is short to zero! Sealing these surfaces significantly reduces the degree of water absorption increasing the reaction time to clean and remove these contaminants before a stain can occur and is critical for superior stone maintenance.

Good sealers have reaction times measured in minutes, protecting the surface from primarily water based contaminants and are crucial for stone maintenance and longevity. The best or premium sealers have the longest reaction time measured in hours protecting surfaces from the widest range of contaminants both water and oil based. Check out this article featuring some of our Geal products for more information on our stone maintenance products.