slate flooring

When choosing the right tiling or flooring for a house there are always so many options.

Slate flooring is definitely a flooring option that should be looked at.

The reason we’re saying this is that in the past, slate flooring & material has been mostly used outdoors but this has changed.


Basic Advantages of Using Slate Tiles in Flooring

As with any other type of flooring there are distinct or very clear advantages in using slate as a flooring material.
• Waterproof and Stain Resistant – Slate flooring is waterproof resistant as well as being stain resistant so if we’re looking at it from a cleaning standpoint, slate can be relied on to be of minimal concern.

• Very Heavy-Duty – Slate flooring is very heavy-duty. This means that it can withstand a lot so rest assured a busy household will not impact it if that is a factor in your purchase process.


Slate Flooring and Cold Weather

slate flooring

Perhaps the main drawback of slate flooring is that when it gets cold it gets a bit cold under your feet.

This solution can be addressed and avoided by insulating properly the bed of the slate tiles prior to installing them in your house.

This is the biggest drawback but when you factor it against the pros, slate has emerged a popular choice in today’s home designs.

As we always say, weigh all of the options alongside with your taste, so that you can truly choose the best material and design for your home.