Why choose natural stone for your outdoor area? 

Outdoor Natural Stone Pavers and Tiles

Durability of Outdoor Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone has undergone immense heat and pressure, which makes it perfectly suitable for outdoor areas. The look and overall integrity of the stone withstands the test of time. Many historic buildings were made from natural stone and that may be the reason these buildings are still standing.

Stone ages with integrity versus other man-made materials. Porcelain and ceramic pavers look nice, but if they are not full-bodied tiles, they do not age gracefully outdoors. The older outdoor natural stone gets, the more earthy and grounded it appears.

Feel of Outdoor Natural Stone Pavers

Limestone, marble, granite, and basalts are outdoor natural stone materials that have an organic feel to them when you are walking barefoot in your external area. They feel natural and luxurious. Outdoor natural stone pavers feel raw and organic underneath your feet, because they are a product of mother nature and have taken thousands of years to form. This is not true of man-made tiles that have been produced in a short span of time on a production line.

Look of Outdoor Natural Stone Pavers

There is no denying that you can spot the difference between outdoor natural stone and a fake-stone product. Depending on the natural stone you choose, your space can look more rustic or more distinguished and refined. Whichever aesthetic you are aiming for, your space is assured to look more up-market and expensive. That is not to say that natural stone is always more expensive. A lot of fake-stone competitors can charge the same rates as natural stone or more!

Cost of Outdoor Natural Stone Pavers

If you are going for a marble or limestone paver for outdoors, the cost does not vary as much as a kitchen benchtop could. Typically, a stone paver for an outdoor area costs between $80-$120 per square meter. A few reasons can account for a variation in the cost: amount of product, lead time, material chosen, finish of the product, pattern of the product (for example: French pattern or standard tile), etc.

Types of Outdoor Natural Stone Tiles and Pavers

Limestone Pavers

Limestone is typically more consistent in colour and patterning and often comes at a cheaper price point than other natural stone materials. Limestone does not come in as big of a variety of colours as a marble paver would and most of the colours are earthy browns, beiges, and greys.

Using a lighter colored limestone outside means you will have a more difficult time cleaning your tiles. This is very important to consider, as you do not want to become a slave to your outdoor natural stone tiles.

Granite Pavers

Granite is one of the hardest outdoor natural stone pavers you can get. It is dense, non-porous, and the speckled look of most granites hides any staining of etching.

Marble Pavers

Marble outdoor tiles come in a wider variety of colours and looks, however they often sit at a higher price point for this reason. Marble is also a bit denser than its relative, limestone.

Although there are plenty of marbles that are suitable for outdoors, some of them are so expensive that you wouldn’t want to waste your money. In fact, a lot of expensive marble tiles are only cut in a 10mm-15mm thickness for indoor purposes only (even if the material could be used outdoor in a 20mm-30mm format). The thicker the tile, the less tiles that can fit in a crate, which is why you see a price increase for 30mm-40mm tiles.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is an extremely popular type of limestone and it comes from different parts of the world. The densest Travertine comes from Italy and is the best option to put outside. Turkish Travertine, especially light coloured Turkish Travertine, is extremely porous and can turn into a nightmare to keep clean in an outdoor setting. A darker Turkish Travertine could be perfectly suitable for outdoors if you are looking to cut cost, because you can’t notice staining.

Slate Pavers

Slate outdoor tiles and pavers typically come in blacks and greys, perfect for a sleek modern look. Slate can withstand very high temperatures and weather conditions.

Although the material is stunning, be careful putting it in an area that gets a lot of sunlight (if you enjoy walking barefoot). The darker your outdoor material, the more sunlight it will absorb, much like asphalt temperatures compared to sidewalk temperatures.

Porphyry Pavers

A stunning Italian classic outdoor natural stone! Many streets in Europe are paved with vibrant, playful, multi-colored porphyry pavers. These streets are hundreds of years old and have aged beautifully.

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