Nero Marquina Marble – Spanish Versus Chinese

Nero Marquina marble originally derived its name from the city of Marquina in Northern Spain where it was first quarried. Beginning with the popularity of this Spanish stone, other similar colored stones quarried in other countries began to use the same name. Today the main types of the stones baring the Nero Marquina Marble name will be sourced from either Spain or China. Both Nero Marquina Marble stones have black background with white veins but there are differences in both the colour, veining and performance of the stones.

Chinese Nero Marquina Marble

Chinese Nero Marquina Marble is sometimes referred to as China Black or Chinese Negro Marquina. This marble typically has a dramatic high contrast of a black background with frosty white veins.  The veins can be thin and subtle or jagged and resembling lightning bolts but in both situations the veins tend to be elongated.

Ideally Nero Marquina Marble works best in low traffic or on walls as it is a softer marble that can show marks easily.  When polished the colour and veining is intensified and this creates a stunning backdrop when installed on bathroom walls or as a feature in an entrance.

When processing and installing Chinese Nero Marquina Marble wastage will often be a little higher because the nature of the material is more fractious than the Spanish.

Another popular use for Nero Marquina Marble is in chequerboard patterns paired with white stones like Carrara marble.

Used for internal applications on walls, vanity tops, and low traffic flooring Nero Marquina Marble adds a striking visual appeal for bathrooms and entrance halls.

Spanish Nero Marquina Marble

Spanish Nero Marquina Marble is recognized globally along with other popular Spanish materials such as Crema Marfil, Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante . When comparing Spanish Nero Marquina Marble to Chinese Nero Marquina Marble, Spanish background colour may be a little lighter and the white veining has more curve than the Chinese.

The Spanish Stone is generally a stronger and can be used both polished and honed.

Chinese Nero Marquina Marble Versus Spanish Nero Marquina Marble

Popular Applications and Uses for Nero Marquina Marble

Both materials are exported globally to countries such as Australia, Europe, USA, Canada. Nero Marquina Marble is most used for indoor applications and looks absolutely striking in a polished finish. Nero Marquina Marble will perform best when treated with pre-sealer in wet areas and sealed to avoid contamination form dirt and oils.

Nero Marquina Marble is popular in a checkerboard pattern with a contrasting white marble (Thassos or Bianco Carrara are most commonly used). Seeking further inspiration for Nero Marquina Marble or just marble in general? Check out our Instagram page for All Things Natural Stone.

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