Muffaut Anti-Mould Cleaner

Indicative consumption: 5-10 sq.m per litre.

What is it

This anti-mould cleaner is water-based mix of oxidative ingredients, synergized with wetting agents and emulsifiers, stabilized for the specific use and long lasting action

How it works

Muffaut cleaner eliminates moulds, algae and organic redidues, which can cause sliding, from all kinds of surfaces. Delays new formation. This Geal cleaner can be diluted with water to get a weaker oxidative action.

How to use

Shake Muffaut cleaner by Geal well before use • Apply uniformly the product (pure or diluted 30-50%) with a synthetic paintbrush or a manual sprayer. Do not use high-pressure sprayers nor atomizers • Remove excess and dripping with a damp cloth. Let this stone cleaner it act for a few minutes, up to 1-2 hrs, depending on need. Remove residue with a solution at 1% of LINDO SANIGEN (GEAL): i.e. 1-2 caps in 1 litre of water • Execute preliminary test to check the working concentration of the stone cleaner • After cleaning it is advised to apply a suitable water repellent as this will further reduce the growth of moss and mildew • Consumption will depend on absorption and consistency of soil to remove

Why to choose Muffaut Cleaner…

1. Totally removes mildew from any surface
2. Delays its growth
3. Ideal for plaster before whitewashing