Selecting your Kitchen Benchtop

Deciding on the perfect material for your application. 

So you’re renovating your kitchen, how exciting! You’re ready to get started, but you may have a few questions before you are ready to open up your wallet. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what is the perfect material for your dream kitchen.

“What is popular?”

A lot of clients enjoy knowing what is popular or what is on trend. Currently we have a lot of clients choosing grey and white marble kitchen benchtops. Many interior designers find whites and greys to bring a Zen energy into a living space. In color psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance.

Our company has been in the stone game for a long time, so we have seen colour and pattern trends come and go. And although it is helpful to see what others are enjoying in their homes while you are searching, it is always important to remember that your individual taste is equally important.

Man-made or natural stone kitchen benchtop – “What is right for me?”

This is one of the first questions you will want to get to figure out. The two options have different pros and cons. For example, a man-made benchtop is uniform and the colour and pattern will always look the same; whereas a natural stone kitchen benchtop is derived from nature and is completely unique to you. Both materials require a certain degree of maintenance and cleaning.

Natural stone materials for your kitchen benchtop options include: limestone, marble, granite, onyx, travertine and basalt. Man-made materials for your kitchen benchtop options include: Samsung quartz, Geoluxe (resin-free slabs), Vetrazzo (recycled glass slabs), Cesar stone, or porcelain.

“I heard marble is sensitive and stains, but I think it is beautiful and I want is as my kitchen benchtop!”

A lot of people love the beauty of natural stone, especially marble but are concerned how it will perform.  As long as you seal your stone and clean regularly, you are unlikely to experience any issues – even on a white marble benchtop. Acidic substances such as wine and vinegar can etch stone and becomes visible on polished surfaces but on the matt finishes used today, these marks are not apparent.  One of the beauties of natural stone is, it can be fully restored after years of use to its original condition by a stonemason.

“How many slabs do I need?”

This is a question best asked to your stone mason. If you don’t already have a stone mason, we have several that we can recommend. The amount of slabs you need depends on a couple different factors: how big the slabs are, if you are installing a splash-back or water-fall ends, how long your kitchen benchtop is and what edge thickness you create.

A crucial aspect to understand with natural stone is slab sizes are not fixed and vary from shipment to shipment. This impacts what can be done and if you will have joins in your installation. Stone sizes vary from around 2m to 3m in length and 1-2m wide. So if you plan your kitchen before looking at stone you may find the material you love is not available in the size you want. Man made stone is produced in standard sizes.

“What information do you need from me to get my project started”

In order to get started on your order, we need to firstly know lead time. If we have the quantity and drawing that you need, we can start to coordinate with your stone mason the same day. Aside from basic details, that is all we need to know to get your project underway.

If you need help getting started, you can always call and speak to someone from our friendly team: (02) 9316 9677. Your dream kitchen benchtop will soon be a reality!

Bianco Carrara Kitchen - RMS Marble Benchtop - Kitchen Benchtop

Greg Natale Brisbane home - Arabescatoe Marble and Nero Marquina Marble - Kitchen Benchtop

Castillo Marble - Kitchen Benchtop - RMS Marble Benchtop - Castillo Grey Marble

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