ICR17 Pre Sealer

Solvent Based Water repellent, Anti-damp, Anti-mould Pre Sealer

Indicative coverage: 5-10 sq.m per litre.

What is it

This ICR17 Geal sealer is a mixture of siloxanic oligomers with a low molecular weight in organic solvent, deep penetration power and fast condensation.

How it works

Stops rising damp into floors and walls • Reduces seepage and protects underlaying structures even decayed by cracks • Suitable for the pre-treatment of floor tiles before grouting to avoid staining and perimetral damp • This Geal pre sealer does not yellow, does not change the look and the original breathing

How to use

Ready to use Geal sealer • Apply pure on dry surfaces with a paintbrush or liquid spreader • After 10 minutes approx. remove possible excess • Do not apply
on very hot or very cold surfaces (above 40°C or below 5°C) or out door when rain is expected • For the best protection repeat application after 4 hours at least with two coats or more coats “wet on wet” • Always execute a preliminary test • Use ICR17 Geal Sealer on dry surfaces only, both indoor and outdoor, made for terracotta tiles, clinker, all kinds of stone and marble, all concrete aggregates (terrazzo, pavement, plaster, etc.)

Why to choose ICR17 Geal Pre Sealer…

1. Stops penetration of water into micro-cracks
2. Keeps long lasting action
3. Creates an anti-efflorescence anti-mold barrier

ICR17 Pre Sealer is best matched with Basoil Sealer.