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Thinking about installing granite benchtops in your kitchen or bathroom?
Pondering whether to use granite on the floors of your business space?
Envisioning of granite in your home areas and the outside?
They add elegance to your home now and value to it throughout the years. The Prominence of Granite Tiles in the home and business.


Granite tiles are great choices for many reasons. With the proper selection and care, granite will continue to welcome you home for many decades. Some granites have a quite spectacular appearance and are used for their visual impact, such as on facades.

Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic activity. Granite tile remains a popular flooring choice because of its overall resiliency, strength, and number of unique color options. As an igneous rock, granite is formed under very high heat and has a crystalline structure instead of a layered structure like sedimentary rock.


Tile made from granite is quite dense, with a strength similar to porcelain, says Dave Gobis, executive director of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.
Granite is a good choice for benchtops; using tile rather than solid granite cuts the expense drastically. Our premium surface granite tile selection offers numerous color patterns.
Make sure tiles are spaced closely to minimize grout staining; you can use tinted grout to achieve a more seamless look as well. Both the tile and the grout should be properly sealed.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone. Mainly igneous rock, it is formed by the crystallization of molten rock and undergoes huge amounts of heat and pressure over time. Several different types are sold commercially including other volcanic-origin stone sold as “granite”.

RMS Granite Slabs

The commercial granite stone products that are advertised in the market:

• True granite
• Pegmatite
• Syenites
• Diorite
• Larvikytes (labradorite)

Favored above many other stone benchtops, granite is valued for its resistance to acids and its hardness. It is a porous stone and can be stained or damaged if not sealed before use.
On the other hand, tiles are easier to work with because they are smaller and lighter. They come precut and perfectly square. You can pick from several different shapes and measurements.
Here at RMS, we have the perfect granite tile for every flooring project, whether it is for residential or commercial use.
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