Lombardy French Pattern Stone Pavers - Turco Argento Limestone - RMS Marble

Lombardy External Stone Paver

Finish: Honed, Polished, Leather, Tumbled, Special Finish on Request

Type of Stone: Marble

Lombardy is available in: Tiles, Slabs, Cut-to-Size Format

Slip-Rating: P5

Applications: Outdoor Paving, Wall and Floor Tiles, Fireplaces

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Lombardy External Stone Paver

Lombardy is a dense material perfect for any commercial or residential application. At the moment, Lombardy is popular for external applications due to its durability and luxurious, elegant look. Lombardy French Pattern is the perfect pool side stone paver.

Also Known As: Lombardy French Pattern, Marble Pavers, Ocean, Ledo, Ocean Limstone, Lombardy Limestone, Turco Argento

Add style to your residential or commercial project
with Lombardy French Pattern Marble

Ever dreamt about having Lombardy Stone Pavers in your home? Look no further! RMS Marble offers the finest French Pattern Pavers and slabs in Australia. 

Marble is the staple material for architects and interior decorators alike, not only for its luxurious appeal but also for its durability and long-lasting performance.

Talk to us about our line of outdoor pavers for your next commercial or residential project.

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