travertine tiles

Everybody always needs something a bit different.

Not all tiles are all the same. There are some with different properties that need to be treated differently.

When making the decision to purchase tiles to decorate a house, there is always that predetermined opinion on what you think would look best or what you are interested in.

That’s just human nature. Some people want a certain neatness and high quality and for that, there’s nothing wrong with marble tiles or other types of stone tiles. But if you are of the opinion that you want your house to be customized to exude a certain level authenticity while also being aesthetically striking, travertine tiles are the way to go.


Travertine Tiles

travertine tiles

Although travertine tiles are made of natural stone like limestone, marble or granite, its unique selling point is the formation, hardness and overall look of it.

It is actually formed in hot springs as well as limestone caves. Its key characteristic has to be the holes within the stone that is caused by carbon dioxide evasion, giving off a very holely vibe.

The more holes there are, the lesser its overall quality is.


Quality Difference in Travertine Tiles

travertine tiles

Tiles with a small amount of tiles are categorized as premium while “commercial tiles” are more referred to as commercial tiles.

Either way maintenance and care is required as the tiles are susceptible to picking up stains.


Range and Patterns

traventine tiles

Further customization is also possible with unique patterns such as the French pattern set in different colours.

We have a supreme selection of travertine available in Australia, from the pale white Italian Bianco Navona through to the deep chocolate brown of Noce travertine.

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