travertine tiles

We’ve talked about travertine tiles as being quite the hit at our Sydney location but travertine tiles are also a popular commodity here at our Melbourne location.


Travertine tiles are amongst our biggest sellers at our Melbourne location and it’s easy to see why.


When people come to our showrooms or warehouses they are often coming for a different purchase together but upon hearing some of its qualities and where it can be applied they are quickly swayed.


Look & Appeal Of Travertine Tiles

travertine tiles

Travertine tiles at our Melbourne or Sydney location just have a harder and tougher overall look than other tiles.


A common travertine tile is littered with holes, a point of differentiation wise compared to other tiles. Although something to monitor is the more holes, the lesser the overall quality is.

The unique selling point is in the aesthetic value it brings.


In short, the 4 most common or finishes found in travertine are as follows:

• Polished
• Filled & Honed
• Tumbled
• Chiselled & Brushed


Care & Maintenance

travertine tiles

As with all types of tiles, when you purchase travertine tiles at our Melbourne location, they have to be cared & maintained for.


Be on the lookout for water and acidic spills as well as remembering to use stone friendly cleaner because of what travertine is made up of.

Little things like this can smudge & edge the surface which will put to waste a lot of the money well spent on such a high quality tile like travertine.

travertine tiles