“Hong Kong-based Oft Interiors engages in the planning of movie theatres with stone design entrance/ticket areas made to look like the spaceships.” Headline Article posted in 2017 at Stone-Ideas.com

stone design

Because of its “longevity and ease of care” natural stone is the material of choice.


Modern cinema complexes are the stuff dreams are made of.


And literally that is what Oft Interiors is aiming for when planning entrance-/ticket-/reception areas in movie theatres around Hong Kong and China.


Natural stone as a flooring and wall cladding plays a major role in design and planning.

natural stone flooring

But first a word on the history of the cinema: around 1920 the first movie theatre was built along the lines of established theatres and opera houses – opulence was called for in an attempt to lift it to the cultural standard of the latter.


Today this in no-longer the issue. Cinemas by Oft Interiors are working with the metaphor of mobility as a sign of the times.


The entrance and ticket areas resemble a departure lounge, whereby the objects preparing for takeoff are imaginary spaceships.


On the other hand, Luxury is not a sought commodity. Cinema visitors are to enjoy „Luxury in white-glove treatment and service“, according to CM Jao.

stone floors and walls

Oft Interiors places great value in consistency. Each section in each theatre should have the same look and distinguishing factors.


The concept was granted the German Design Award 2017 in the Excellent Communications Design/Interior Architecture category. The designers also focus on shopping centers, restaurants and bars.


The office was founded in 2013 by CM Jao and Ken Chung. It is based in Hong Kong and currently employs a team of 10.


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