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Is your house still meeting your needs? This is question homeowners will ask themselves at least once, especially around the second year mark- the 2nd year itch.

It is around this time that you are completely settled, unpacked and now your eye is on making those improvements or personal touches you have always secretly planned.It is natural then to struggle with the inevitable ‘should I move or remodel?’, however there are a few simple ways you can dramatically change the landscape of your home without breaking the budget & even add reseller value to your home once you are done.

There are countless advantages of adding Natural Stone to your home, but perhaps the most practical is the re-seller value Natural stone flooring will add to your property, as unlike other flooring solutions, Natural Stone only improves with age.

Marble tiles are an effective and simple way to customize your home to your tastes. But when choosing the right marble for your home there are a few questions you need to ask.


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Are you not sure how to source high quality marble? Where can you go to choose from one of the widest ranges in Australia? Would you like to see and touch the marble before you buy it? Would you like expert advice about design and maintenance?

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We can explain all you need to know about using marble, so that you make an informed choice about the right marble for your project. Marble tiles are commonly used in living rooms and bathrooms. You may also wish to consider marble bench-tops for bathrooms and marble flooring for hallways. Marble is a classic material that has an immediate impact, and creates an atmosphere of elegance wherever it is used.

Marble is available in a variety of colors from bright white, to striking black. It can also be produced with a variety of finishes, the most popular of which is polished. So when your 2nd year itch comes round, consider remodeling your space with marble tiles which will last you and your home for many years to come.

Author: Alexandra Best