The use of Marble and other natural stones has for centuries been associated with palatial, lavish homes; this is due to the natural beauty and radiance of its appearance. It always was and remains an upscale, luxurious option for many surfaces.

Natural stones come in a variety of finishes and appearances making them suitable for internal and external uses. Some appear like the lined highly polished foyers of 5 star hotels while others are more subtle. Honed finishes and soft colour tonalities of a marble tile and other stones now flow throughout our homes adding an understated luxury.


Installing natural stone to your project will undoubtedly increase its value. With the high value of real estate in our country and the high cost of building, including natural stone makes a lot of sense. If chosen well it will last forever.

You may want to accentuate your kitchen benchtops, or give your bathroom that design appeal, but these are not the only areas natural stones are used in. From hotel foyers, commercial office towers, residential homes both internal and external. Cladding and paving. A multitude of uses. In fact many architects today choose the one product to install stone throughout residential projects giving the home a seamless look from front door to swimming pool, and including all wet areas.

We all love natural stones mainly for its appearance but also because it is a product of Mother Nature, and therefore the real thing and always unique.

Natural stone can be produced in customized dimensions, or individual patterns. It can be ordered in most sizes for tiles and panelling. Stonemasons often work with slabs to line bathroom walls, cut benchtops, staircases and other cut to size pieces.


Some stones are translucent, mainly onyx. Artists treasure certain types of Marble for its translucent properties. These allow light to delicately penetrate, or filter through it. It makes objects seemingly glow in the right light. Even the floor adapts a more ‘enlightened’ appearance, especially in the case of white and lightly coloured material.

Marble can have a variety of finishes mainly used in either a highly polished or honed finish always giving a beautiful smooth and silky look.


By nature the marble tile is a warm material: Stone is a great conductor of heat therefore under floor heating is great under stone as the heat is maintained well after the heating is turned off.


Take into consideration before purchasing Marble

Not all stones are suited to all applications. It is important to select products which are best suited to your lifestyle and application. When purchasing natural stone always allow for spare tiles to be put aside in case they are needed at a later date. It will allow you to replace a tile in the event of damage, cracking or extreme staining. Purchasing it all together ensures the spares match in all aspects, something that cannot be guaranteed for material purchased later!

Even though Marble is a stone it is a relatively soft one: It can chip if handled poorly, sharp-edged objects can scratch its surface and acidic substances can stain its surface. All natural stones are porous, some more than others. Therefore etching, staining may occur. A good maintenance schedule will help with this.

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Some stones may require pre-sealing, some just sealing and there are some stones which don’t need sealing at all. In any case sealing a stone does not prevent staining, etching etc. It allows for easier maintenance of your stone and gives you extra time to clean up spills etc. Sealer will need to be reapplied to your stone over time.

As a unique material, the marble tile sits at the higher end of architectural finishes. Its cost is subject to the degree of selection and availability determining its price. Avail of our free expert assessments, consultations and recommendations by filling up our Free Measure & Quote form below.

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