marble bathroom

When picturing Marble in the Home, the two most common places that come to mind are the bathroom and kitchen.


In the average family home of 2017 it is not uncommon to see natural stone such as marble and granite being utilized in less conventional ways such as a sink countertop, or as an elegant granite tile splash back.


Conversely, even in relatively common spaces, there are simple ways to make these natural stone tiles and marble slabs stands out.


Projects Using RMS Marble Tiles


While Marble alone is sure to make a statement in your home, with it’s rich material suggesting opulence and finery adding beauty to any space it’s in, its use as a kitchen island is a perfect example of a traditional use meets modern functionality.

It is a large enough surface to show off the beauty of this great material and while it stands out in the room it doesn’t overwhelm the space. When complimented by simple and elegant chairs it is a sure fire way to breathe new life into any home.

limestone tiles measuring

Of course, after the kitchen, the second most common place to see marble in the home is in the bathroom. Here, marble has an opportunity to extend from the floor to the tub. Bathtubs cut from marble slabs are a luxury which brings instant elegance and style to any surrounds.

Here at RMS™ Marble our high-quality marbles are sourced from fine quarries from Italy, Spain and select other countries. Visit our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms to see our extensive product range for yourself, and discuss your requirements with one of our expert staff.

Author: Alexandra Best