Floor tiles are an essential addition to any home. Whether it be marble tiles, limestone, travertine or many more of the selections of offer, every house represents an opportunity to you to imprint your own personal style.



When it comes to marble floor tiles, this is no different. Every room in the home provides its own challenges and requirements for the flooring installed there. The hard, durable surface of these tiles means that high traffic living rooms and hallways won’t be a problem. Historically, marble flooring usually gets linked with a sense of wealth, by the name alone it sounds expensive. Marble floor tiles will look excellent anywhere. Take the kitchen for example, a level of sophistication is exuded when placed there.

The Choices You Face

When it comes to marble floor tiles there are two choices – traditional and tumbled. Traditional marble flooring is known to be rather polished & shiny, adding that extra bit of class to the overall look. Traditional marble flooring looks divine in lots of places but particularly in the foyer or on an entryway of the house. On the other hand, tumbled marble flooring separates itself by coming in light, milky tones. They are the opposite of polished, rather they are buffed, with an earthy finish and natural looking. Tumbled marble flooring is a great look in large areas like the family rooms or kitchens in a house as they come in larger sizes.

marble floor tiles

Pros & Cons of Marble Floor Tiles

When it comes to marble floor tiles, there are pros and there are cons:



A great selection of colours to choose from.

Able to be extremely polished.

A slightly translucent quality. This allows illumination in a room to penetrate either dark or light marble, giving off a rather gorgeous feature.

It is eco friendly and bio degradable, and will not cause pollution at the end of its functional life.

One of the most elegant and beautiful natural stone tile in the world.



Marble is one of the more expensive kitchen flooring materials on the market.

Slippery when polished it’s a slipping hazard.

Scratches easily as polished marble tile is relatively easy to scratch.

Stains easily. Acidic interacts with it, a chemical reaction will occur, in the form of a rather noticeable stain. In the kitchen you will often have acidic liquids such as sauces and fruit juices splashing and spilling onto the floor, putting the marble in danger of permanently staining.

Maintenance needs to be done every 6 to 12 months apply sealant, Constant maintenance is key, you want these tiles to last.

Replacement is a bit difficult or installing a new floor directly over the marble would more than likely be easier than trying to remove and replace it. This speaks to the difficulty of what it takes to remove marble flooring.

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