limestone in the home

We love writing these blogs here at RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics.

For the most part people don’t know too much about tiles in general.

They want a quick solution to their answers.

Similar to the other blogs posted where advice and more of an in depth look is given into what makes each of the tiles we supply unique, the following entry will be on what to do with a limestone tile in your house.

Tiles made from limestone are becoming increasingly popular in the Western countries because of its earthy colours.

limestone home tile

A limestone tile is softer than granite but this doesn’t mean it can’t be applicable in a house, in fact this is quite the opposite

Limestone tile is a natural material that is very old, dating millions of years back.

It has since built up a reputation as a workhorse and consistent part of buildings for thousands of years.


Limestone Tiles In The House

Limestone tiles can make for pretty good flooring and is hence why there has been an uptick & surge in popularity.

limestone tiles

If considering them for use in exterior facades we also endorse this as it gives off a throwback to older times.

Think of applying limestone in residences and commercial property in the same way as travertine as they are very similar.

Limestone comes in various colours but most are dark and earthy.


What this means is more often than not it will be an earth vibe and colour and to match it with things in your house accordingly.


Limestone Pros & Cons

limestone tiles

A limestone tile is very resilient and tough & excels at being easy to clean and maintain.

On the other side of the spectrum limestone is also quite soft, going hand in hand with it being able to be scratched and stained easily.

This means that limestone perhaps requires some more care and attention in order to maintain its original appearance.

Excessive amounts of water may cause reactions such as oxidation which is why sealers are recommended to avoid these problems.

In the case of there being a spill, a cloth with either warm water or dish washing liquid is recommended.

limestone tiles