calacatta marble

Calacatta Marble is seen as one of the more prestige choices to use for top end designers and builders.

It has built a reputation of being associated with luxury and so is featured in a lot of the finest resorts and hotels in the world.

When it comes to selection of calacatta marble, there is a vast range to choose from where the prices vary depending on what type of calacatta tile colour and design is chosen.


Qualities Of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is known to be so expensive due to its rarity and simple beauty.

calacatta marble

This type of marble is so unique as it is only available to be mined from a few locations in the world, hence its rarity.

This type of marble draws many similarities to Carrara but is actually seen as rarer than Carrara. Both are considered luxury stones.

Calacatta marble consists of a white background and sublime veining that varies from greyish to goldish tones where you’ll notice it looks different from day to day.

marble calacatta tiles

It has distinctive vein structures coupled with soft colours.

Cleaning this material can be a chore and requires warm water and a cloth but maintaining it is more than worth the effort as aesthetically it is a level above all its competitors and other potential choices to use in a house.


Calacatta Means Luxury

calacatta marble

If you do make the decision to go with calacatta marble, rest assured that you’ll be bringing luxury to your property that will be the envy of all your friend.

It is more than worth it if you can afford it as you can’t put a price on something that is more than a look in a house.

An effective design choice such as using calacatta marble in your house has a lasting impact on the overall feel of a house.

calacatta marble tiles