Bathroom vanity tops, or as they’re also known, bathroom countertops, are a popular talking point among people when designing their bathroom. This is because these vanity tops have a big impact and lasting impression on the overall look and feel of a bathroom.

Not to be outdone, bathroom vanity units are also a big part of any bathroom. Together they are arguably the central items in a bathroom and visibly stand out and as such is why they are so important.


What’s so important about a Vanity Top & Unit?

Quite simply, Bathroom vanity tops and their units are seen as vital utility furniture & the focus in a bathroom. They add compactness and space and are the most used public spaces in a bathroom while also managing to look great.

Furthermore, they contribute greatly to the effectiveness of the bathroom. By providing storage space and keeping the bathroom clutter free as well as serving to store bathroom accessories, it really is a multi-function unit – the vanity top brings the style and the unit brings the substance.


So Much Choice

In such a short space of time, the amount of design options when it comes to both the units and tops are almost limitless.

Vanity units are now not just available in floor mounted models but can also be wall mounted. On the other hand, bathroom vanity tops are typically of the six below materials:

• Wood
• Tile
• Marble
• Granite
• Laminate
• Solid surface material

It’s advised that you should consider a vanity top that resist things like water, soap, toothpaste and other materials.


Thinking Of Bathroom Vanity Tops & Units

Lucky for you RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics can put forth a helping hand! Firstly we’ll just need the exact dimensions of the size of your bathroom.

You can do this either by email or phone and we can then reply quickly with the price range you’d be looking at. We can also assist using our knowledge in the industry with what we think would go best for your bathroom. We’ve found that it’s always an outsider’s opinion that can help.

Bathroom vanity tops & units are increasingly becoming an important component of a house stylistically. If you are thinking about installing either, you know who to contact.