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As a leading provider of natural stone and ceramics we pride ourselves on the quality of our marble tiles and materials. We are passionate about educating customers on the various types of tiles and natural stones and will happily offer renovation advice. We understand you can’t always visit our showroom for a chat so we have create a blog where we can express our ideas, advice and knowledge.


Benchtops Made With Natural Stone

RMS Benchtop Projects Our Popular Surface Designs Benchtops using RMS natural stone. Benchtop is a horizontal work surface in kitchens or other food preparation areas, bathrooms and workrooms in general. It is frequently installed upon and supported by cabinets. The ...
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RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics

Pool Tiles, Pavers and Surfaces

    RMS Swimming Pool Projects Popular Applications & Designs           Pool tiles, pavers & surfaces made with natural stone will enhance your pool building or pool renovation project aesthetically while providing high performance and low maintenance. Natural ...
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marble tile

Marble Tile Knowledge Base

The use of Marble and other natural stones has for centuries been associated with palatial, lavish homes; this is due to the natural beauty and radiance of its appearance. It always was and remains an upscale, luxurious option for many ...
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kitchen tiles

Kitchen Tiles and Tops

Because kitchens are explicitly functional spaces, their success is inextricably tied to the products – appliances, tapware, surfaces, ceramics – you choose for them. But of course, we expect more than mere functionality. RMS Kitchen Projects Popular Applications & Designs ...
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bathroom tiles

Bathroom Tiles & Basins

RMS Bathroom Projects Walls, Floors, Benchtop Designs RMS have one of the biggest range of premium quality bathroom tiles in Australia. Whether you're renovating a bathroom, building a new one or simply adding a bit of extra detailing, our exciting ...
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natural stone cinema

New Stone Design For Hong Kong Cinema

"Hong Kong-based Oft Interiors engages in the planning of movie theatres with stone design entrance/ticket areas made to look like the spaceships." Headline Article posted in 2017 at Stone-Ideas.com Because of its "longevity and ease of care" natural stone is ...
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calacatta marble

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble is seen as one of the more prestige choices to use for top end designers and builders. It has built a reputation of being associated with luxury and so is featured in a lot of the finest resorts ...
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tile pattern

Tile Patterns

Tile patterns have the ability to enhance a room if utilised properly. To be able to choose the right pattern for your space though can be an arduous task and that’s why we thought we’d help out. For the most ...
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slate flooring

Slate Flooring

When choosing the right tiling or flooring for a house there are always so many options. Slate flooring is definitely a flooring option that should be looked at. The reason we’re saying this is that in the past, slate flooring ...
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marble floor tiles

Marble Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are an essential addition to any home. Whether it be marble tiles, limestone, travertine or many more of the selections of offer, every house represents an opportunity to you to imprint your own personal style. When it comes ...
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travertine bathroom

Travertine Tiles In Melbourne

We’ve talked about travertine tiles as being quite the hit at our Sydney location but travertine tiles are also a popular commodity here at our Melbourne location. Travertine tiles are amongst our biggest sellers at our Melbourne location and it’s ...
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limestone tile

What To Do With Limestone Tiles

We love writing these blogs here at RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics. For the most part people don’t know too much about tiles in general. They want a quick solution to their answers. Similar to the other blogs posted where ...
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natural stone

Stone Tiles In Your Home

Stone tiles are one of the more well-known tiles that people buy from RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics here in Sydney and Melbourne to use when decorating their house on the inside & outdoors. They are mainly used outdoors but recently ...
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granite tiles

Granite Tiles in the Home

The Prominence Of Granite Tiles It’s been touched on before but there are many uses for granite tiles. The name alone is tough, it’s just an added bonus that the actual material is incredibly durable as well. Its rise in ...
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travertine tiles

Travertine Tiles In Sydney

Everybody always needs something a bit different. Not all tiles are all the same. There are some with different properties that need to be treated differently. When making the decision to purchase tiles to decorate a house, there is always ...
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Home Design – Small Changes, Big Impact

When redecorating a space, an “accent wall” is a common go-to. The idea being to redecorate one wall using a colour or wallpaper in order to breathe new life into a tired old space. However, what if you could execute ...
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marble wall

Feature Walls and Designs

Of all the rooms in a home, it is the living room that families tend to spend the most time. Therefore, it is essential to give this area heart, soul and appeal and a effortless way to achieve this is ...
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marble tiles

Marble Tiles

Is your house still meeting your needs? This is question homeowners will ask themselves at least once, especially around the second year mark- the 2nd year itch. It is around this time that you are completely settled, unpacked and now your ...
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home marble tiles

Marble in the Home

When picturing Marble in the Home, the two most common places that come to mind are the bathroom and kitchen. In the average family home of 2017 it is not uncommon to see natural stone such as marble and granite ...
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marble tiles

New Year, New Home

With the start of the New Year - its time for a New Home. Australians everywhere are getting ready to fulfill those ambitious New Year’s resolutions to finally renovate the family home, with a growing number looking to refurbish their ...
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Introducing “RMS Joy” Marble Speaker