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Benchtops using RMS natural stone. Benchtop is a horizontal work surface in kitchens or other food preparation areas, bathrooms and workrooms in general. It is frequently installed upon and supported by cabinets.

The surface is positioned at an ergonomic height for the user and the particular task for which it is designed. A benchtop may be constructed of various materials with different attributes of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. The benchtop may have built-in appliances, or accessory items relative to the intended application.


RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics


Natural stone is one of the most commonly used materials in almost all of our projects involving benchtops, counter surfaces and similar tops.

Natural stone or dimension stone slabs are shaped using cutting and finishing equipment in the shop of the fabricator. The edges are commonly put on by hand-held routers, grinders, or CNC equipment.



If the stone has a highly variegated pattern, the stone may be laid out in final position in the shop for the customer’s inspection, or the stone slabs may be selected by architects, designers and clients. Emerging technology allows for virtual stone placement on a computer.

Exact photographs can now be taken which allow for the integration of a dxf file to lay on top of a stone image. Multiple slabs of material may be used in this layout process. Then the benchtop assembly is installed on the job site by professionals.

Commonly, initial benchtop fabrication takes place at or near the quarry of origin, with blocks being sawn to thickness and then machined into standard widths (600mm and upwards), before being surface polished and edged. This method removes the need to ship waste material, and reduces the time needed to prepare client orders. This practice is called “cut to size” A wide range of details may be pre-machined by the fabricator, allowing for installation of different sinks and cooker designs.

Discuss your project over a phone call and then visit our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne to put your design plans into motion. RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics. Please fill-up our Free Measure & Quote below and avail of the free consultations with our specialists for your benchtop projects.

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Benchtops can be made from a wide range of natural stone type materials and the cost of the completed benchtop can vary widely depending on the material chosen.

The durability and ease of use of the material often rises with the increasing cost of the material but some costly materials are neither particularly durable nor user-friendly.

Some common benchtop natural stone materials are granite, limestone, marble, slate, travertine, basaltite, quartz and others. Please see our complete product range below to provide you with other comprehensive options or alternatives for your project needs.



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