RMS Basaltite Tiles

Our Basaltite tiles are a gem in your home or business. The compactness, low humidity absorption and the warm colour make this stone an ideal material for the building industry (interior and external), it can be processed as a block piece as well as a 1 cm tile.

Basaltite® has been used in many applications from pavements of urban places to historical centres. The anti-slip properties make it an excellent material for every kind of paving (interior and external). Anyway, its characteristics make Basaltite® suitable everywhere, from the simple kerb to the most sophisticated of projects. That’s why it is chosen worldwide by architects and project-studios for:

• Internal and External Flooring
• Internal Cladding and External Façade
• Staircases
• Bathroom Design
• Kitchen Design
• Landscape and Garden Design
• Artistic Realizations


Due to the tensile strength and its high breaking resistance, Basaltite® is suitable for ventilated and traditional cladding, even in big dimensions of large structures and buildings, which are exposed to the extreme elements of weather, particularly snow and ice as well as saltiness and it can be used even in regions with earthquake risk.
Basalt is a volcanic stone that has been used in architecture for centuries. Basaltina, one of the premium basalts in Stone Source’s catalog of materials, has a particularly rich history. It is quarried near Rome and was used by the ancient Romans to build roads and monuments.

Projects Using RMS Basaltite Tiles

Examples of its uses in architecture can still be seen still today. Basalts are rich in magnesium, feldspar, pyroxene and iron, with hints of olivine and amphibole; all of which are siliceous materials similar to those in a granite.
Although Basalts boast the durability of a granite, they tend to have the consistent coloration, markings and subtlety of a limestone.
Are you not sure how to source high quality basaltite tiles? Do you want to choose from one of the widest ranges in Australia? Would you like to see and touch before you buy it? Would you like expert advice about design and maintenance? We can help! Send us your message below.

About Basaltite Tiles

Basaltite is a platinum-grey coloured stone with a very high breaking load, it is frost-, heat- and saltiness-resistant and furthermore very resistant to atmospheric aggressions. Thanks to its compactness, this stone must not necessarily be filled, contrarily to other lavastones with an open-hole structure.
The stone has a uniform chromatic aspect and its physical and mechanical characteristics are excellent, thanks to its components the material has also a high natural slip resistance. The blocks are quarried from banks with diamond wire and the max. suitable dimension for the gang saw is 320×180 cm. The production included everything from the blockpiece to the 1 cm. calibrated tile (even large dimensions until 200×60 cm.)
The surface treatments can be: sawn, honed, filled and honed, polished, filled and polished, bush-hammered, sandblasted and brushed surface.



Knowledge Base: Basaltite is a medium-grey stone with some crystals of leucite immersed in a microcrystalline structure, derived from the hardening of lava in the eruption centre of Bolsena – Bagnoregio.
The noble grey colour of Basaltite matches perfectly with all materials, modern or antique, like steal, wood, glass and aluminium, emphasizing their beauty and use. With its compact structure, this stone does not necessarily need to be filled, contrarily to other lavastones with large open-hole structure.
Modern up-dated analysis have confirmed what has been known for centuries: Basaltite is a stone, which is frost and heat resistant, has a low humidity absorption rate, and has excellent technical characteristics, which makes it suitable for all interior and exterior use.

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