RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics


For well over 20 years RMS Natural Stone & Ceramic has grown to become one of Australia’s leading importers and sellers of quality natural stone, marble and ceramic products. Our extensive range includes marble, limestone, travertine, granite in both tiles and slabs.

We supply both residential and commercial building and design projects, with everything from kitchen benchtops, to flooring for outdoor living areas. Our classic natural stone is ideal where sustainable design is a major consideration.




RMS Showrooms and Warehouses

RMS staff

Our showrooms and warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne facilitate customer choice.


Our personal service and attention to detail ensure we go the extra mile to provide clients with the right titles, flooring and benchtops for their project and design needs.


We stand confidently behind the quality of our stone, which is sourced from quarries in Italy, Spain and selected other countries known for producing fine natural materials.


Professional Credits

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics is a founding member of the professional industry association, the Australian Stone Advisory Association Ltd.

RMS Professional Credits

The Australian Stone Advisory Association (ASAA) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of Australian stone at home and overseas. The association seeks to develop standards of excellence in performance and product supply, and to facilitate greater co-operation between the various sectors and competing entities of our industry.


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